dimanche 26 juin 2011

stargate props

okay here is an ALERTE to all my fans...... since i didnt have acces to internet for over a year, i just missed the sell of stargate props last week..... this is my all time favorite show...17 seasons i watched on repeat everday... you know the type you re watch at least 100 time each epidsodes....... well here is the thing..... if anyone is able to put is hand on a nice piece ...cool props from the show..... i willl definitly have a special surprise for him, and he will spent an entire night with me, piscture sex, dinner and stuff ;) that shows how much i do want it! so contest is launch, now time for you guy to make the impossible become possible....!!!! whos gonna be ...THE MAN, MY MAN :P

( http://wormholeriders.org/cc/?tag=stargate-universe )

if you think you are the man email me ... jessykarson@live.ca

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