lundi 27 juin 2011

crazy but sweet young man looking for 15 000$ loan to realize his dream of stepping thru his own gate

Okay you know some dude can be crazy about a tv show..... some like me by exemple watched over and over and over some shows(stargate) i know im a nerdz under the ...but well watched some show til the point where he learn every line of the 354 episode over the years and even learned to think like the caracters....ohhhh yes im insane ...but i never pretended otherwise lol...... and then comes the day where i could actually get that gate ..... a dream from a little boy.... some people dream to fly others dreams of having a poney or to become famous....WELL while you boy where dreaming about those things.... my dream was to someday ...have my own gate! .....well they sold the prop since the show is over after 14 years.... and well here is a dude on ebay who sell it ! he ask 20 000.... im sure its possible to deal..... but damn ill do anything for that so.....

my mom used to say .....if you dont try sure wont happen.... well here i try and beg for a miracle!

im a student ...on my wayto become a pharmacist..... ( ill make tons of money in 6 years from now ) ......i repay the loan....+4 000$ + a big sexual bonus on top lol.......

i could even marry that man looooolll!
we can find an arrangement im sure.... want a simple of my dna?

who wants to be my miracle....?


jessy :)

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