jeudi 30 juin 2011

im an uncle for the second time, and a godfather for the first time

my sister who was pregnant and who wasnt supposed to give birth before july 20th , suddently called me to let me know that she actually had a girl on june 26th. her name will be (laurie-ange) french name ...(could translate as laury-angel) yeah its not commun, but well, seems lke she decide to come in our world earlier then expected! and also easily as i heard.... unfortunatly i wasnt there to assist since i am currently away... in new york city....not even 6pounds yet...she seems to be doing pretty good, for security reason they will keep her in the hospital til monday just to make sure shes alright! so im not the uncle of 2 nice little girls , and godfather of that one... ;) this is a nice way to start the day!

lundi 27 juin 2011

crazy but sweet young man looking for 15 000$ loan to realize his dream of stepping thru his own gate

Okay you know some dude can be crazy about a tv show..... some like me by exemple watched over and over and over some shows(stargate) i know im a nerdz under the ...but well watched some show til the point where he learn every line of the 354 episode over the years and even learned to think like the caracters....ohhhh yes im insane ...but i never pretended otherwise lol...... and then comes the day where i could actually get that gate ..... a dream from a little boy.... some people dream to fly others dreams of having a poney or to become famous....WELL while you boy where dreaming about those things.... my dream was to someday ...have my own gate! .....well they sold the prop since the show is over after 14 years.... and well here is a dude on ebay who sell it ! he ask 20 000.... im sure its possible to deal..... but damn ill do anything for that so.....

my mom used to say .....if you dont try sure wont happen.... well here i try and beg for a miracle!

im a student ...on my wayto become a pharmacist..... ( ill make tons of money in 6 years from now ) ......i repay the loan....+4 000$ + a big sexual bonus on top lol.......

i could even marry that man looooolll!
we can find an arrangement im sure.... want a simple of my dna?

who wants to be my miracle....?


jessy :)

my twitter now available for all

im sorry for those who sent me a request on twitter and that never got any answer from me..... i just wasnt online so much lately..... i just unprotected my tweet so you can now all see it and tweet with me ;) .....

dimanche 26 juin 2011

stargate props

okay here is an ALERTE to all my fans...... since i didnt have acces to internet for over a year, i just missed the sell of stargate props last week..... this is my all time favorite show...17 seasons i watched on repeat everday... you know the type you re watch at least 100 time each epidsodes....... well here is the thing..... if anyone is able to put is hand on a nice piece props from the show..... i willl definitly have a special surprise for him, and he will spent an entire night with me, piscture sex, dinner and stuff ;) that shows how much i do want it! so contest is launch, now time for you guy to make the impossible become possible....!!!! whos gonna be ...THE MAN, MY MAN :P

( )

if you think you are the man email me ...

samedi 25 juin 2011

little more detail about jessys in the current days!

sorry dude, i wish i had more chance to be online lately.... unfortunatly, i broke up with my ex in the states, came back in montreal, having to restart my life from nothing ....thats what happen 2 weeks before a marriage. ....then my appartment burned down mostly cause of the restaurant kitchen that was under my place lots of dammages, then in the end of novrmber i had to deal with well my moms death, which was hard cause you know like in most familly...we all have secret we keep noy to make any others suffer.....but her death kind of caused by my sister, wasnt planned so fast and well imagine the worst case scenario when your moms doesnt have any inssurance and nothing planned for it....then started the familly drama.... and i had to solve that on my own as best as i could...and its not over damn it!!!!! but let not get into details that could hurt some people when they know they have to live with it. class started back in as the student budget too, i had to cut the cable, the interet and other things to be able to make it for a little while. so THIS IS THE REASON WHY I HAVENT BEEN THERE SO MUCH...TRYING TO PUT BACK WHATS LEFT OF MY LIFE ALL TOGETHER.
sure the moral could be way better..... specially with the last 2 months of bullshit.... but i just wanted to let you guys know im still here even when i dont anwser as much as i would like too,,,,,, i do appreciate your kind words and your presence, and i hope you wont forget me before my comeback!!!!! kisss to all of you