vendredi 8 janvier 2010


Hello everyone !!! sorry ive been busy lately hehe...but i promise ill keep a regular posting on the blog by now;)...lots of new project on the a eventual personnal website;) , some shooting here and there with Treasure Island Media...the release of my new dvd ..The 1000 loads fuck..with the awesome IAN JAY...As well as some new work with Videoboys..........well you guys will be able to follow everthing for 2010 and get the fresh news before everyone else by now....just keep posted;).....

So as new year 's coming, come the time for New Year know those that we make on the 31 of december to show some kind of goodwill for the new start..and that we usually forget about 2 weeks after....yeah dont pretend!!!

For myself for 2010....i intend to eat better, less fast food......(damn i need to stop those bbq chicken everyday) not that im scared of getting weight fact i wish so much to gain some...but actually just to eat better , more healtier.....yeah we should all do that.....(but i wont last a week...)

Now ask me about it in a month ......:P

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