lundi 28 décembre 2009

The 1000 loads fuck (PAUL MORRIS) TIM PRODUCTION

Exclusive news for all Treasure island media fans ....!!!

it finally came out..... my first dvd with TIM (the 1000 loads fuck) on december 18, 2009

Exclusives: James Roscoe, Keer, Jerry Stearns, Dawson, Seth, Jessy Karson, Brad McGuire, Derek Anthony, and Calvin.Starring: Ian Jay, BJ Slater, Paul Stag, Tober Brandt, Ray Dalton, Craig, Bryce Anderson, George Glass, JC Woof, Trevor, Andre Barclay, Chad Rock, and Lito Cruz.

here is the reviews for my 3 scene that you can read on ....

Scene 1: PLAY HARD

JESSY KARSON'S attitude toward life is tattooed right across his lean chest: PLAY HARD . Those are the words this wildman lives by. This is a dedicated hard-boring, self-sucking ass-fucker, a man who grins devilishly while he pounds a helpless ass with his oversized manramming cock.

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When whore-prodigy IAN JAY learned we'd signed JESSY to an exclusive contract here at TIM, he begged to have his tight little alabaster ass filled with JESSY's fat 'n' veiny nine-incher.

JESSY knows exactly how to drive a fuck-bottom wild. He pumps and grinds , teases and plunges balls-deep. He taunts that hole, then rams the meat in, hard and merciless. When he's done with a hole, it never quite closes again, lub-a-dubbing when the bottom walks, all stretched out and needy. There's little more IAN can do than grunt and moan as he takes it.

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In the end, Mr. Play Hard leaves IAN with a big wad of man-jizz delivered deep---and just enough energy to crawl around and gratefully lick JESSY's huge tool slickety-clean.

Scene 3 & 4: THE 1,000 LOAD FUCK

This started with a serious challenge from youngster Ian Jay. He aksed me if I'd help him make it a reality. He told me he wanted to give it a try.

A gallon of human semen. He wanted to try to take literally a gallon of sperm up his perfect little ass. "I want my guts filled. Completely and totally filled."

Who am I to say no to such ambition? That was nearly two years ago and I immediately had my entire company start collecting man-juice. Methodically, we milked hundreds of men. You'll see us doing it: the "harvest," I call it.

Every drop we gathered was added to a growing hoarde of DNA. We caught it in cups, scraped it fresh off men's muscled torsos, milked willing donors over and over. And after two solid years, after hundreds and hundreds of sperm-donors, we ended up with a full-to-the-brim GALLON of HUMAN SEMEN.

I called up li'l Ian Jay, told him what I'd done, told him we were all ready. If, that is, he was still up for the challenge. "Fuck yeah!" he responded.

To top it off, he wanted a major gangbang to accompany it. He put in his request list and I filled it.

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The event itself was unlike anything anyone had ever experienced. There was mad fuck-energy in the air, the room smelled thick with the rich sharp protein tang of random anonymous loads. The men chosen for this mad ritual experiment were PAUL STAG, KEER, JESSY KARSON, RAY, CRAIG, and TOBER. And we gave the unspeakable task of felching the unholy mess of man-goo out of IAN's overflowing ass, licking it off throbbing fuck-fresh cocks, off sheets, off the floor---this honor went to the world's FELCHING CHAMPION: JAMES ROSCOE.

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The room was fucking pandemonium, cum and cock-crazed men throwing themselves in, diving more deeply into sex madness. You can see it in their faces, in the craziness of what they say, the way they fuck poor IAN JAY. And IAN will never be fucked like this again. As a gallon of jizz is methodically squirted deep in his ass, a fucker plugs his hole and ram-jams it in, pivoting and pile-driving until the froth is spraying every which way!

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Not to be denied his rightful reward, and proving just how truly insatiable a slop-whore he is, IAN licks the thousand-load cumjar clean. Between his ass and his mouth, IAN takes more sperm in this one scene than any human before him---ever. And still JAMES ROSCOE has the presence of mind to climb on, slide his nice quivering cock into IAN's sloppiest of all holes ever...and quickly pump out yet another load, squirting the lost-babies in, mixing his own daddy-juice with the filthy residue of that jizz-leavings of hundreds of other men.

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And then JAMES slides down between those quivering lean boyish legs and slurps on IAN's depraved and sloppy whore-hole. This is truly a monstrous and wonderful landmark in mansex.

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